Fish Restaurants

Mine's note about Fish Restaurants

Fish is a very special food for Turks which has a different ritual of dining. In ordinary restaurants, you have a look at the menu and order something but in fish restaurants, you know what to order beforehand. Because there's usually no menu in many of the fish restaurants. A good meal in a fish restaurants takes at least two hours because the food keeps on coming to your table and while you are sipping either your raki or wine, you chat and eat without giving any break. Surprisingly you don't feel anything wrong with your stomach because the food is shared by the other people on the table. The first type of food is the appetizers. You may ask several different appetizers, like Turkish white cottage cheese, melon, red beans cooked in olive oil, Haydari (a very thick yoghurt with dried mint, like Tzatziki),Acili Ezme (spicy appetizer with pepper and tomato paste),Patlican Közde (grilled eggplant), Lakerda(raw fish marinated in salt and vinegar), Karides (shrimp) and good season's salad with fresh cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce. Then comes the hot appetizers, like Borek (pastry with cheese or pastrami), Kalamari (fried squid) or Midye (fried mussels). Before you order your appetizers, always order your fish so that you don't need to wait....! The recommended fish are Seabass, Turbot, Bonito and Blue Fish.

Recommended Fish Restaurants in Istanbul

* - Up to 20 TL per person for full-course meal.                                                   

**-20 YTL-50 TL. per person full-course meal.

***-50 -75 TL per person full-course meal.

****75 and up TL per person full-course meal.  

Restaurants along the Bosphorus

Le Pecheur (***)

Yenikoy Cad. No:80 Tarabya-Istanbul.


Right by the  Bosphorus, a very nice restaurant with excellent service quality. Try the seabass in salt.                             



Kefelikoy Cad. No:126 Tarabya


A very typical fish restaurant with good service and fresh food. Worth trying...


Doga Balık Suada(****)

Galatasaray Island Suada Kurucesme     


A very good fish restaurant with delicious and fresh appetizers in the middle of the Bosphorus...




This restaurant serves Black Sea Region specialties such as Mihlama, Hamsi Dessert(Hamsi is a fish like sardines), Bread with Hamsi  in a cozy atmosphere.


Dalyan Balik Adem Baba(**)

Satis Meydani No:2 Arnavutkoy


Closed on Mondays. A small-cozy restaurant which is like a fish-fast food place. Try salad, shrimp, calamari,  sea bass or turbot.



Muallim Naci Cad.170 Kurucesme


Compared to the other fish restaurants, a little bit formal and touristy but still a fine fish restaurant by the Bosphorus, at a lovely location. Try calamari and sea bass.





Excellent service, excellent view and excellent food. A very good restaurant with great appetizers and great salad with shrimp. Blue fish is very good. Try the hot-served shrimp in butter and fener baligi(a-meat like type of fish served in fresh butter)...The herb-butter  served before the meal is very delicious.

Restaurants in Kumkapi and Sultan Ahmet(Old City) Area

Kumkapi  Restaurants

There are more than 50 small and cozy restaurants in Kumkapi with similar food and attractions. Usually gypsies perform here with their clarinets and violins and keep on playing until you drop some money into their pockets. Very lively and touristy place, especially quite enjoyable with a big group.


Sultanahmet Area

Balikci Sabahattin(****)

Cankurtaran Sultanahmet


Very old restaurant with appetizers, raki, salads, fish and desserts.  Lovely food, lovely atmosphere. Sometimes gypsies add a spice into it by playing their violins (if restaurant owners ignore them!).